YMlabs is the premier supplier of personal care products in the Promotional Products Industry. We understand the dynamic nature of both the promotional market and personal care industries, because we don’t merely relabel our products, we manufacture them ourselves! This means fast turnaround and ultimate control on manufacturing and FDA compliance; we have the versatility to make you shine! This model of vertical integration is how we are able to offer the lowest everyday price and highest quality in the industry.

All formulation and filling is done on-site in our facility in Utah. Rest assured that all our products are American made. YMlabs is both FDA registered and audited. All of our manufacturing is done under cGMP guidelines. While we are knowledgeable in the manufacturing of these products, we never forget that the bottom line is on-time performance and superior customer service. Our mission is to perform all of these functions at the highest level possible and with the best products.

With over 10 years in the Promotional Products Industry and our extensive manufacturing knowledge it’s easy to understand why we’ve sold many millions of units in the industry.

Simply put: Our price, quality, and service will not be beat.

You can view our website here.


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